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HDMI Input

So I have been searching the net and all the blogs about this and the most recent was over 2 years ago. I have been on the phone and messenger with customer service and it is apparent they don't understand the issue. I want to utilize the HDMI input on the converter box. All the threads (2 years old) say that this port is not active. Well in the 2 years this port still isn't active? If not why? This is a simple firmware download that could be pushed to al the boxes. Seems there is a big demand for this port to be active then why not activate it? Does Comcast have a hand in HDMI switch makers and they are just looking to make more money? If this port is active how do I change the input source on the cable box to see this HDMI input and not the RG-6 Cable line source? This just seems crazy if it is not active. Every other TV provider has these inputs and utilize them as a pass through why doesn't Comcast. Very unhappy about this if this port isn't active. May have to look into another TV provider.

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Re: HDMI Input

Nothing has changed the HDMI input is not active. The box is licensed out so there may be other providers around the world using but I doubt it will ever be active.

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