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We recently changed from DirecTv. The Xfinity guide is unreadable Especially during the day.  How many times is it really necessary to change a channel while the guide is onscreen? DirecTv’s guide included a small screen insert so you could watch whatever channel you were on while you were browsing the guide. Also as a new user I assumed the installer would automatically set up all the TVs for optimal viewing. I had been complaining that the warrior games were a little grainy on my 70 in so I was afraid I bought a lousy model. But a Comcast technician was here checking for leakage and I mentioned this to him. He took my remote and went to device settings and found it set to 720p instead of 1080p best available. I checked all my TVs and found them all on 720p. I checked my friend’s tv and it was set to 720p. Come on. What other secrets am I kept from in order to maximize my viewing enjoyment?

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Re: Guide

Use the right arrow, your minimal version of the guide will show on the right hand side.