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DVR Overwriting Recorded Episodes Before I Can View

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DVR Overwriting Recorded Episodes Before I Can View



Over the past few months, my X1 DVR has changed its behavior in the recording and deletion of series recordings.


As an example, we have the DVR set up to record 5 episodes of Paw Patrol on Nickelodeon.  Previously, it would record 5 episodes and not attempt another recording until one of the original 5 is deleted.  This was great when the kids would have a favorite episode they wanted to rewatch.  However, the DVR is now constantly overwriting previous recordings, even when set to save for  1 year.  For a show that airs 5 times a day, it means every episode is constantly being overwritten before our children have time to watch an episode from yesterday.


I knew there previously was an option to save until i delete, but this has not appeared in months.


Any insight into the newer behavior and any way to ensure episodes are retained and not overwritten?