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Comcast tv signal flashing on and off

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Comcast tv signal flashing on and off

Hi, I have a fairly late model (bought last 2 years) Samsung 4k smart tv unxxx9000V.... Lately almost every day when the set is turned on in the evening it flashes on and off continuously.  Power cycling the Comcast set top box always fixes it for the evening but it comes back the next day.   I have seen two suggestions for this, both of the Samsung TV settings.  One is switching the mode from Dynamic to Standard and the other concerns Auto Motion.   My TV has always been set to Standard.   I switched Samsung advanced setting Auto Motion to Off from Auto and it didn't stop the problem.   Any other suggestions or is this a bad set top box?

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Re: Comcast tv signal flashing on and off

Reseat all HDMI cables.

I am not a Comcast Employee.
I am just a customer, volunteering my time to help other customers here in the Forums.
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