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Audio intermittent x1 DVR since firmware 85.1.1

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Audio intermittent x1 DVR since firmware 85.1.1

We seem to have an issue with the audio being very intermittent over HDMI connected to a Marantz reciever on some channels (some channels don’t even have audio anymore some never drop out). Everything was fine but it appears to now be happening after the firmware was updated to 85.1.1 2 weeks ago. Discovery channel, ABC, CBS, etc are all intermittent. Sometimes they are fine... sometimes the audio will fade out. DVR playback sometimes works but often fades out. A tech was out a few days ago and tried swapping the box but that did not fix the issue. We know the receiver is fine when other HDMI sources play through it (Apple TV, DVD, Computer). Did something in the audio Codec change with this firmware push? Or is it an issue with the transmission in the souther NH area?

Very frustrating.
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Re: Audio intermittent x1 DVR since firmware 85.1.1

Hi deb_morgan11, are you having audio issues with recorded TV shows/movies or are you having issues with all content dropping audio? I show that you have more than one cable box on the account do you only have the issue with the DVR?