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Aris during recording options

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Aris during recording options

I have an aris 4 dark. I can only record 3 broadcasts at once. I was told that since I have 3 other boxes on 3 other TVs, that I would have to turn them off if I want the aris dvr to record the 6 broadcasts at once. If the other tv boxes are on each will stop a recording. Is this correct. 

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Re: Aris during recording options

Not sure what an Aris 4 dark is (assuming dvr) but it has 6 tuners. Each of your other boxes (again making assumptions as you didn’t list those models) take a tuner to function, each tuner is a recording capability. That leaves you with 3 (6-3). You would need an XG2 to replace one of your three to free up your dvr. The easiest is going to your local store when it’s safe to do so.
Follow the link for models, so you know what you’re talking about if/when you do a swap

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