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Adjusting Remote button sensitivity settings

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Adjusting Remote button sensitivity settings

 Often when I grab the remote stick - I accidentally press a button on the remote.  Launching me off to somewhere. ( exactly where my clumsy fingers told it to go)


Is there a method/hack to allow me to desensitize the buttons on a XR11 remote?  I don't have a specific time value but the remote stick would know that I really really (sic) meant to press the button.  I would hope that with character buffering or first event logic then subsequent button events would not be delayed.


My clumsiness is especially frustrating when deep in the bowels of a NetFlix movie or menu and I press XR11 EXIT button.  Returning me to the previous xFinity TV show.


 Thanks in advance, t

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Re: Adjusting Remote button sensitivity settings

Sorry, no there isn’t

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