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Adding a Sound Bar

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Adding a Sound Bar

I am going to attempt to add a soundbar, Yamaha 1070, to my old Panasonic Plasma TH3760U using my cable box PX013AMN. My Panasonic does not have HDMI out, only digital opitical out which the sound bar can accept. I believe that if I hook up the sound bar to the TV I will not be able to control the volume through my Xfinity remote (paired with TV). The cable box has an optial digital out plug, but it's covered. Appears to be a plate held over it with a small star screw and the an orange plastic tab, but can't get the tab free. I was thinking that if I connected the sound bar to the cable box using the opitical plugs that I could control the volume from the Xfininty remote, instead of having to use the Xfinity remote for channels, DVR, etc. and the Yamaha remote for sound. Should I remove the cover plate and attempt to connect the sound bar to the cable box and hope I can control everything with just one remote?


Re: Adding a Sound Bar

Remote setup supports a few sound bars.  Check here: