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2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics with Xfinity

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Re: How do i watch the olympics without downloading HD

The user is correct. When watching XFINITY CABLE on a CABLE BOX on ON-DEMAND you have to upgrade to HD. That is terrible. We are paying a lot of money and only able to watch realtime Olympics on NBC and NO ONDEMAND because COMCAST made it so you have to have HD to view anything. Really disappointed and unhappy with the level and quality if coverage for the Olympics because of this.
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Re: Not seeing 4K UHD olympic programming

@Mkennon wrote:

Thanks for your response Andrew.  Basically as I described originally.  I get the same set of programs as when I typed in a 4K UHD search, but no 4K UHD section in On Demand, No 4K UHD choice in Ways To Watch on the Olympic Life example and the choice to record in 4K UHD Is not offered.

Some additional information on the 2018 Olympics and 4K available at the link below:


All Olympics 4K content on Comcast is offered On Demand.  

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Re: How do i watch the olympics without downloading HD

Shame on you Comcast and NBC. ALL the little hockey girls across the USA get only ONE chance to see the women win gold?  All because you want to make some more money?  Shame on you. HD is not something everyone can afford. Shame on you.