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kwikset lock

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kwikset lock

It is recommended by Kwikset that we are able to add and delete all user codes through our smart home control system. Doing this from the lock really sucks, you have to take apart your lock just to add or remove a user code to the system, I really hope you guys can fix this soon. In addition I would also like to have some type of notification when someone enters the wrong user code.

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Re: kwikset lock

I was told when we purchased the Xfinity Home system the KwikSet lock (914) would be compatable.  The ability to use this lock with its up to 30 different codes was very importnant since we are using this on a vacation rental home.  Now that we bought all this equipment and had it installed Xfinity is now telling us that there is no functionality on their website to change/add codes to the lock that is suppose to be compatible with it.  Are there plans to change this?

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Re: kwikset lock

I have one too at home and requested this of Comcast as well


Currently you cannot change codes remotely, you will have to use the manual methods as mentioned in the instructions of the kwikset.


However, you can remotely unlock/lock the door.  You can even use triggers too for this...for instance, when I arm my system I have a trigger to lock the front door Smiley Happy


I hope they get the ability to manage codes too Smiley Happy  Then hopefully audit the codes/usage of codes through web portal Smiley Happy