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cannot turn rules on or connect cameras

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cannot turn rules on or connect cameras

I crossposted on another Xfinity forum as I don't know where that fits into. I went on-line to turn a rule on but was unable to. It says broadband connection is lost. Also unable to connect to cameras. I am very unhappy. I want all functionalities to work when I need them. I have 2 kids with autism and if I need to turn on text alerts when doors open or to check cameras, it SHOULD work. This is not acceptable.

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Re: cannot turn rules on or connect cameras

I am having the same problem!  I can see the camera on my TV and on my iPhone app, however, I can't see it in the portal!  Which, as I'm sure you know, makes it impossible to set any rules for it!  Please update if you find any solution.  I have tried these steps:


Rapaired the camera with the hub


Reset the Camera


Reset the Hub


Reset all of them in different sequences


Additionally, because I have messed with it so much, I exceeded my daily limit of photos on the portal.  I would real like to know how F@&# that happened since it doesn't appear on the portal!  Thanks and good luck!