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Xfinity = poor design and unreliable service

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Xfinity = poor design and unreliable service

Xfinity home web site:


This is probably the most ubnreliable and poorly roganized websites I have seen of late:


1.  Web site log-in is cumbersome and slow.

2  Additional step to Xfinity home is hidden.  Not only is it strnage that it is a distinct step, why is it not one of a few choices to select front and centre on the home screen???

3.  My camera rarely loads the first attmept and times out way too often.

4.  Whty does the "provide feed back" button send me to forum?  It should provide an email or chat interface directly with Xfininity!


I wish I had another option.  I woudl drop Xfinity immediately.

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Re: Xfinity = poor design and unreliable service


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Re: Xfinity = poor design and unreliable service



We hear you.



  1. The log-in process is something that we’re always trying to improve. Ensuring that any connection to you home security system is private, encrypted and always secure requires a few additional steps, unfortunately the tradeoff is a less than ideal experience logging in. We’re working on what can be done to maintain security and improve your experience with this process.
  2. I’m a bit unclear on this one, but I assume that you’re talking about navigating to the Xfinity Home website from the page. If I’m unclear about that please let me know. It looks like Xfinity Home is available as the third option under the menu that’s available at the top left of the page. I would also like you to know that there has been some discussion of including Xfinity Home ‘widgets’ on pages like So you could soon have the ability to arm your system or simply turn lights on or off without leaving the page.
  3. Camera connectivity has been a point of focus for us for some time now. We are working on ways to help you, the user of the web-app, be able to troubleshoot and fix connection issues much quicker and much more reliably. We are working on a feature that will allow you to reboot your camera from within the web application from wherever you are. This usually helps to solve any issues, and is better that un-plugging and plugging back in to the camera.
  4. Our Provide feedback link will soon include pretty much what you’re asking for. You will be able to select the part of the site you’re finding trouble with, and send an email directly to us through a form.


Thanks for sticking with us and being patient while we work with you to make this product everything that you need it to be. 

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