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Xfinity Dual Authentication Support?

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Xfinity Dual Authentication Support?

Attached is from my city with a new ordance coming January 1, 2021.  They will require alarm providers to support "Dual Authentication" to lower the number of false alarms.


In the article they list two examples of Dual Authentication.

  • Does your monitoring centers support Enhanced Call Verification where they will call two contacts before dispatching law enforcement?
  • Does your monitoring centers have access to any of the camera feeds to view during an alarm?
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Re: Xfinity Dual Authentication Support?

Hi @computeronix15


Thanks for posting to the Xfinity Forums. Based on the information you've provided that you've received from your city, I would need to gather your account information so I can gather more details for you about these changes. As it stands now, yes, when there is an alarm triggered, we do make to contact attempts to the 2 phone numbers that you provide by setting them up in the Xfinity Home Subscriber Portal, or Xfinity Home Security App. If there is no answer to these numbers when our Central Monitoring Station does call, we will immediately dispatch the police for the safety of you and any family members. In order to avoid false alarm fees, I would recommend contacting your city to determine whether or not a permit is needed. If so, this could provide you with a certain number of false alarm that will be waived per year. You can also Google "Alarm Permits in the city of ". 


No, our agents, nor the Central Monitoring station will have access to your camera feed. Our system is designed to notify you of alarms that are in progress so you can access the camera footage view what's going on live. You will also have the option to download and save any footage needed for these situations. 


Here are a few other links that may be helpful: 

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If you would like me to attempt to get more details about the change that will be taking effect in 2021, please send me a private message so I can access your account. To send a private message click on my name "ComcastChe", then click send a message. 



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