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Please add rule

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Please add rule

I use to be able to set my system to lower the temperature when I set my alarm to to "arm away", thus saving energy and money on my electricity bill. This is because my home does not need to be the same temperature when I am home as when I am gone. Since the new update, that is no longer an option under the "temperauture" rule settings. Can you please add the capability to lower or raise our temperature settings automatically when we leave the house (i.e. arm away), so we can save energy and money, like we use to be able to do? Thank you.

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Re: Please add rule

Hi Jeff6295,


Thanks for your post. We've discontinued support for this rule. However, the new version of our website includes a thermostat scheduler to allow you to set temperature based on your personal schedule (i.e. when you leave your house etc.).


To get to the scheduler, please visit, and click on the gear on the thermostat card. That will take you to the thermostat page where the scheduler  is located. Please see the screenshots below


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Re: Please add rule

Yes I know it has been discontinued and that is why I am on this forum. I'm asking if it can be continued again. While I realize that we can schedule our thermostat, as can a simple $30 thermostat from home depot. However, the reason I'm asking to continue this option is so that when I go shopping g, or to the gym or to take my kids to the park for example, I can simply arm my system and have my home temperature go to a level that saves money and energy. I would like to think that xfinity would be cognizant and supportive of energy conservation. Allowing this rule again would help save the environment from unnecessary use of natural gas consumption for each household this putting less strain in the environment. ThankS for taking both your customers and the environment into consideration.