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Fewer videos saved each day?

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Fewer videos saved each day?

Anyone know if the new web portal now saves fewer videos per day?  I used to have no problems taking a video every 5 minutes, now I run out of space.  Restricted to 150 videos per day.  Wasn't it more before the update? 

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Re: Fewer videos saved each day?

We have changed the quota to manage the media growth on our servers and improve the stability of our platform.  The current daily quota is 150 each for both videos and images.  Therefore, additional images or videos cannot be stored that day unless you perform some cleanup (the count resets the next day).  You can delete unwanted videos/images in order to save more videos/images for that day.  Also, you may want to review your camera rules to ensure they are configured in such a manner so as to not exceed the daily quota.