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Can not log into or Xfinity home mobile app but can on

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Can not log into or Xfinity home mobile app but can on

I have called Xfinity multiple times and no one is able to help me. I keep being told that 'Tier 2' needs to resolve this issue and have them call me back, BUT I NEVER GET A CALL BACK!


Here is my issue. Last week, I got xfinity home security system installed in my house. The guys that set it up was able to get me to log into website with my hotmail email address as my user name (that is what I currently used to log into to see my billing info etc). I was able to log in successfully at that time. I was not able to log into the mobile app as I was getting an error message "We've encountered an error. Please try again. [Error: #43401].


I called in to get the mobile app fixed and the first guy said 'you cant use your hotmail, you have to use your comcast ID.' He told me what it was and reset my password and got off the phone.


I tried to log in using the comcast ID provided and the password it was set to and I get sent to another webpage saying "Please find out your temporary user name and password from the email sent from home security system." I NEVER GET AN EMAIL! So I have NO idea what that temporary user name and password is.


I called again, guy said a Tier 2 person will call me back in 48 hours to resolve this issue. 72 hours later, I did not get a call back. So I call again! NOTHING was noted on my account explaining what the issue is. So I had to explain AGAIN. This guy told me that the 'tier 2' department is closed adn we missed them by 1/2 hour and to call back again tomorrow to talk to someone to escalate this to tier 2 and that the account was fully noted to have that transfer.


I called again the next day, the gal I spoke with couldnt resolve the issue and then told me that there was no way for them to contact their tier 2 other than filing a ticket. 


I'm starting to think this tier 2 doesnt exist. I have not received any call backs and this issue is still not yet resolved.


What is the point of having this home security feature if you cant access the website and the mobile app?! Going to cancel everything that I have with them if I do not hear back from them to get this resolved.


And who does not have access to tier 2?! Train your people! No one likes to call 6,7,8 times to hear 6, 7, 8 different things being told to them and repeating the issue over and over. 

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Re: Can not log into or Xfinity home mobile app but can on

Hey Kalvarez33,


I'd be happy to help you get the portal issue resolved.  I am going to need a little more information.  Let me know when you are available and have some time so we can get this straightened out for you.  Send me a PM with your availability.


Thank you,



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Re: Can not log into or Xfinity home mobile app but can on

I'm having the same issue with the mobile app...same error 43401. It's been like this for over a month now, but I just keep hoping they'll fix it.