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Pixelation, video and audio dropouts, One Moment Please S0a00 messages

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Pixelation, video and audio dropouts, One Moment Please S0a00 messages



Pixelation, audio-video dropout issues and One Moment Please on-screen messages are almost always related to local or individual signal or connection issues. The issue can occur on a single channel or multiple channels due to the frequency or frequency range that the channel is delivered on.


Changes in temperatures can also aggravate the issue.


Check to be sure that all of your cable connections are snug.


Box swaps, box refreshes and multiple box refreshes may not resolve this issue if there is an underlying local signal issue.


Give us a call at 1-800-COMCAST and we can start the troubleshooting process and get this resolved. Insist on a technician visit so that the signal levels can be reviewed and adjusted if necessary. There is no charge if the issue is determined to be with our equipment or originating outside your home.


The problem can certainly be outside your home. Typically our teams will start from where the issue has been observed (your home) and work backwards towards where the signal originates (with us) so that we can quickly resolve. 


Most all issues are discovered to be closer to the TV set than to our origination site. Thanks for your patience.


These issues can be (and should be) resolved.


Some examples of resolutions are at the links below:

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