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X1 Activation Process Overview

This document outlines important steps of the activation process for XFINITY X1. These steps apply for all X1 devices received via Self Installation Kit; this installation option is available in select markets only.


Choose Language Preference

You can select your preferred language at the beginning of activation (English or Spanish). Once your language has been selected, all the remaining activation screens will be presented in that language. Your On-Screen Guide and menus will also appear in the language you select here.
"Select Your Language" screen with language options.

Note: If you choose the wrong language by mistake, you can exit the activation process by pressing and holding the power button on the front of the TV Box for 10 seconds to restart.

X1 Activation Start-Up Screens

The boot screen displays while the TV Box powers up:
X1 boot up screen.

While the Welcome screen is displayed, the TV Box is connecting to Cloud services that include the activation application.
Welcome screen indicating that the TV Box is powering up.


Mandatory Firmware Download Screens

For X1 TV Boxes that have older firmware versions, you may see a screen that reads, "Your TV Box is busy with a mandatory update," along with a countdown timer.
X1 mandatory update screen.

When you see this screen, please allow time for the TV Box to complete this activity. The TV Box will reboot automatically when the download completes. Then, you will be taken to the Activation Process.

If the TV Box is unable to complete the download, you will see a message which reads, "Give us a call. We've run into a problem. Sorry about that. Please call your service provider to get this taken care of right away."
Error message screen requesting customer call.

If this happens, please contact us.

Activation Process

  1. During registration, the TV Box will require that you either enter your account number and phone number, or just the last four digits of your phone number. Use the number keys on the remote control to enter this information. You will automatically be taken to the next step of the set-up process once the numbers are validated.
    (Note: If you select, "I don't recognize this number," you will be asked to enter additional information to validate your account.)
    Confirm screen with option to input last four digits of your phone number.

    Additional Information screen with fields for Account Number and Phone Number.
  2. If your credentials are not valid, an error message will be displayed that indicates: "We didn't find a match for that account or phone number. Please check that you have the correct information and try entering it again." Confirm your correct account number and home phone number and enter the information again.
    Error message indicating lack of match for phone number.
  3. After entering the account information use the up arrow button or down arrow button on your remote to choose a device name. On the screen that reads "Give your TV a name. Create a custom name or choose from a preset name to easily identify this TV," highlight a name and press the OK button, or highlight the Custom option and follow the instructions on the screen to create a custom name.
    "Give your TV a name" screen.

    "Give your TV a name"  confirmation screen.
  4. For some accounts, X1 service will activate quickly and will tune directly to live TV programming; however, the download and verification of subscription information may take up to 10 minutes. The following messages will be displayed to inform you that the activation process is still ongoing:
    • "Getting pumped? So are we. We just need a few minutes to update your account info. Please don't unplug or restart your TV Box."
      "Getting pumped?" screen.
    • "Double-checking your system. Just another minute while we check your signal strength. Please don't unplug or restart your TV Box."
      "Double-checking your system" screen.
    • "Your entertainment is coming right up. Preparing your local channel lineup now. Please don't unplug or restart your TV Box."
      "Your entertainment is coming right up" screen.
    • "Sorry this is taking a little extra time. We'll have you up and running in just a few more minutes. Please don't unplug or restart your TV Box."
      "Sorry this is taking a little extra time" screen.
  5. Once activation is complete, the TV will tune directly to live TV programming.
    "Connecting to live TV" screen.


Other Scenarios Using the Boot Up and Welcome Screens

  • In certain scenarios (e.g., after a power outage), you may encounter the Boot Up, Welcome and Connecting to Live TV screens again.
  • A One moment please notification appears when live TV is displayed and you attempt to use the remote control, but the On-Screen Guide has not yet fully loaded.
    Live TV example with "One Moment Please" notification.


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