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ANSWERED: How to get local Xfinity Channel Lineup and what are the “New Channels" 1000-1999

How can I get a printed copy of my channel lineup including these new channels?


After your new channel lineup is in effect, you can view it at and print out a copy. If you are unable to print a copy online, you can contact us to request that a copy be mailed to you.



New Channel Lineup

We're introducing a new way to interact with your channel lineup that will make it easier to find the entertainment you love and help discover new favorites.

With this change, channels from 1-999 aren't going anywhere. Channels 1000-1999 will be organized by category, so networks with similar programming - like news networks, sports networks, and kids' networks - will be grouped together into channel neighborhoods to make browsing easier. These neighborhoods are designed to make browsing easier and to help you find more of the content you want to watch.


Take a look at your new channel neighborhoods below.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the new channel lineup increase my bill?
The new channel lineup will not affect your bill.

Are you removing any of my channels?
No - none of your current channels are being removed from your channel lineup.

Will this new channel lineup affect my DVR recordings?
If you're an Xfinity X1 customer, your DVR recordings, favorites and parental controls won't be affected, so you won't have to do a thing. If you don't have X1, you'll need to update your favorites.

Will the Spanish-language channels move? 
No - but some of your favorite Spanish-language channels will now also be available in the new neighborhoods, including with sports and news networks.

If I have Xfinity X1, will my X1 Voice Remote still work? 
Yes, but to tune to channels 1000+ using your Voice Remote, you'll need to say the channel number, not the name of the network or programming.

Are all TV Boxes compatible with the new channel lineup? 
Most TV Boxes are compatible with the new channel lineup. However, if you have a standard definition (SD) TV Box, you will continue to experience your SD-only lineup - just as you do today. If you have a TV Adapter (SD or HD), or an XiD device, you will not receive the full new channel lineup.

What is a TV Adapter? And what happens if I have one?
If you have one of your TV Adapters, it will look like the image below. These devices will continue to receive all of your current channels plus the new four-digit news neighborhood genre.
Digital Adapter device.

If I don't have X1, will I be able to find my channels in their new placements?
Yes. If you don't have X1, you can simply hit the Search button on your remote and type in the name of the programming you're searching for.

How will you handle SD and HD channels in the channel lineup? 
The 1000+ channels will mostly consist of HD channels. When there is not an HD channel available for a certain network, an SD channel will be broadcast.

What if my TV subscription only gives me SD channels?
If you don't subscribe to HD service and pay the charge for HD Technology, you'll only be able to view SD channels, just like you do now. If you tune to an HD channel, you'll receive a message stating that you cannot view the network in HD.

What if I don't want these extra channels? 
They're a part of your current TV package. There are no new channels - it's the same channels you currently have, just organized differently. Channels above 999 are grouped together to help you find more shows like the ones you already love.

What do you mean my channels will be grouped together? 
Networks with similar content - such as news, sports and kids programming - will be grouped together into new channel neighborhoods, which are designed to make browsing easier for you.


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