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ANSWERED: How to Use the Xfinity Easy Pair App for X1

Easy Pair allows you to pair a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to your Xfinity X1 TV Box without the need to log in with your Xfinity username and password. Once paired, you can easily send photos/videos from your device to your TV using the X1 Photos Mobile app.

Please note that traditional pairing can still be done via the X1 Photos Mobile app; however, you will need your login credentials.




In order to use Easy Pair, you'll need:
  • An X1 TV Box that is Internet capable (RNG-150 boxes not supported).
  • Xfinity Internet service*.

*Once a device has been paired, you can send photos/videos using the X1 Photos Mobile app over any Internet or mobile data connection.



Pair a Device

  1. Open the X1 Photos Mobile app on your mobile device.
    • For more information on the X1 Photos Mobile app, see our FAQs page.
  2. Select Guest.
  3. Accept Terms and Policies.
  4. Your Photo Library will appear.
  5. Select the TV icon at the top right of the screen.
    Select the TV icon at the top right of the screen.
  6. Your pairing code will appear.
    X1 Photos Mobile App, Your Pairing Code screen.
  7. Open the Easy Pair app on your TV, then enter the seven-digit pairing code displayed on the X1 Photos Mobile app.
    Enter Code screen on the Easy Pair app on TV. 
  8. A message confirming that your device has paired will display.
    Code accepted! confirmation screen.
  9. You can now send photos/videos to your TV.



Delete a Paired Device

To remove a device from a paired TV:
  1. Open the Easy Pair app on the TV from which you wish to delete a paired device.
  2. Select Manage Devices.
  3. Highlight the X icon next to the device you wish to remove, then press OK on your remote.




Note: FAQs can be accessed within the Easy Pair App on X1.
Easy Pair screen- FAQ tab.

How many TVs can I pair with my devices?
You can pair with as many X1 TVs as you like. However, you will need to pair to each TV individually.

How many devices can be paired with an individual TV?
Up to 15 devices can be paired to one TV. If you already have 15 devices paired to a single TV, you'll need to delete one paired connection before you can add another.

How long does a device remain paired with my TV?
One hour, after which time you'll need to re-pair the device.

Can I pair with other X1 TVs that are not in my home?
Yes. Follow the same process to pair your device to another X1 outside your home.

Can guests or friends pair their device with an X1 TV Box in my home?
Yes. Follow the same procedure to pair their device to an X1 in your home.

My device does not appear in the Manage Devices list. Why?
Devices remain paired for one hour. If your device does not appear in the Manage Devices list you will need to pair it again.

Can content be streamed to my X1 TV from outside the home?
Once a device is paired with your TV, content can be sent to the TV from that device whether in or out of the home. You can control access by deleting the paired connection from Manage Devices, or by enabling Parental Controls (Parental Controls > Feature Locks > Applications). Once enabled, you'll need to enter your Parental Control PIN to view the content sent to your X1.
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