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no signal on BEIN Sports (channel 429 in San Francisco)

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no signal on BEIN Sports (channel 429 in San Francisco)

We have the Sports package and HD Preferred Plus XF. We usually receive BEin Sports on channel 429. I want to watch a tennis tournament but there is currently no signal on that channel. All other channels (including 430) are working fine.


I have chatted with customer support who have confirmed we should have the channel but are unable to resolve the issue from their side or after a restart of our TiVo Premiere XL. I have an appointment for a tech to come out on Friday 1/7 at 10am, but am wondering if you might know other strategies for resolution that don't require a tech on site.


Thanks in advance,

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Re: no signal on BEIN Sports (channel 429 in San Francisco)

Update: the Comcast technician came and, as I predicted to the customer service person who scheduled the visit (given that all channels except 429 have been functioning without issue for years) he confirmed that my equipment was functioning well and that all was good with the cable signal coming into my house -- except for the fact that no signal was coming in for channel 429.

I later received a voicemail from the tech saying he can't get access to a pole near my house that he wanted to check, because it is in someone's backyard. If I wanted I could call his supervisor (whose number he left). I called his supervisor and left a voicemail with contact info saying in fact the pole is not in a backyard, it is up the hill across from my house, outside of any back yard. I never heard back from the supervisor.

I had another support chat in which the rep said he saw no log of an issue and that he would initiate an update of some database of my services and assured me that within 30 minutes I would have access to the channel again. Nothing changed.

The next day I called support, and after being given the very useful information (though the tournament is over now) that the same channel is available in Spanish on 651, he tried what he could to activate the channel, to no avail. Eventually I was transferred to what was supposedly a center dedicated to troubleshooting cable card issues. I appealed to service reps to think through the logic of the issue: I continue to receive all channels except this one; an onsite tech has confirmed that all is good except that no signal for 429 is entering the house; what could we possibly do to a cablecard to cause it to receive a signal that is not entering the house? But there was no option except to work through the trouble-shooting procedure, so I went along.

The cablecard support center determined that they should transfer me to TiVo support (despite my appeals to troubleshooting logic). TiVo support quickly determined the problem was that I was not receiving any signal on 429, and of course there's nothing they can do about that.

On a subsequent call to Comcast support the rep said the tech who visited my house had closed the ticket as resolved. She thought perhaps someone should check the signal at the pole, and to do that we would have to open another ticket and schedule a tech to come out. That will happen next Thursday 1/14.

I will continue leaving voicemails at the number of the regional tech ops supervisor until something happens.

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Re: no signal on BEIN Sports (channel 429 in San Francisco)

Update: a technician came to my house yesterday, climbed the pole across the street, and verified that no signal for channel 429 was being received at that point. He passed on that info and said that someone else would check further upstream to identify the source of the issue. Today he called back and asked me to check the channel, as a tech had called him to say that it should be working now. I checked, and we are now receiving it. I asked for some details about where and how the issue was resolved, but he didn't know.

Yesterday after he worked on the pole (and he had left) we had no internet or voice (but TV was always OK) for a couple hours, then had it again for a couple hours, lost it for a couple hours (despite a call to support during which I again recycled power to the modem and re-checked all the cable connections). Connectivity returned late last night and has stayed good through today.

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Re: no signal on BEIN Sports (channel 429 in San Francisco)

Update: Internet and voice continued to go down intermittently for hours at a time. When it was down Comcast support could not get a response from our modem. TV was almost always good except for intermittent loss of channel 429, as well as some flaky signal during a movie we recorded (never happens usually). A tech visit was scheduled for a few days ago.


The tech listened to the history, confirmed a couple other connections on the cable running through the garage, and, noticing that the "drop" from the house to the pole was very old, decided the best step was to replace that cable. He was unable to arrange for a 2nd tech to assist him so another appointment was made for the next morning.


The next day a different tech came, listened to the history, and tried to get "a bucket" (truck that can lift a tech to the pole up the hill) to come by, but was unable to. Another appointment was made for the next morning. 


The next morning all services were working except channel 429. The tech returned, called for someone to assist him, they came, and, without the benefit of "a bucket", succeeded in replacing the old cable that ran from the back of the garage to the front of the house and up to the pole. (Not easy, as the pole is partway up a hill overgrown with tall bushes.) When they finished, all services were working (including channel 429), and have continued so for 6 hours. 


Hopefully the end of this exciting saga?