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inconsistency of listings

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inconsistency of listings

I am totally frustrated with the on demand listing process. I feel that i am not getting the quality of service that I am paying for. There are times when I have to go to 3 different listing menus before I can find what I want to watch. And then I find that the most recent episode is not available, sometimes. But it may be available under another menu other than tv shows or network or search and then sometimes it is in HD and sometimes not. It is a mess and you should be ashamed. If you are not responsible for the listings, then you should be looking out for your customers interests and demanding the quality that we are paying for.

Listings are a problem to figure out, especially the ones by title only. An air date should be mandatory. What are we supposed to to, write down the episodes we have seen and keep track of them? That is what you are getting paid for. Believe me, if I had a choice to go to Fios, I would, but my town will not allow it. Please pay more attention to the quality of the service, or lack thereof that you are giving your customers.


Re: inconsistency of listings

Hi walnutsmom -- We, or any other service provider, do not decide what content is made available for On Demand. The content holder decides what they make available and what they don't. The content holder should have new episodes available in 24-48 hours after the episode air date. 


We do have control over the listing settings. Do you have example programs you can provide that confirm what you've said about their placement? We also do work with the content holder to have both HD and SD options available. It is helpful when missing content is brought to our attention so we can work with the content holder on making those options available. Do you have examples of programs that are missing HD or SD content?

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Re: inconsistency of listings

The programs I most search are Big Brother, Master Chef, Preacher, Housewives of NYC. The TV show listings do not have up to date listings, sometimes I have to try TV shows, then go to By Network, and sometimes to the search category. All listing sites are not up to date and do not even have the current season listed? So tired of having to spend time on ineffeicient listings practices. So many old programs are listed, how about concentrate on keeping current? This area of your business could use a lot of work. Whoever is in charge of this area needs to be fired.

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Re: inconsistency of listings

So what am I paying you for?

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Re: inconsistency of listings

Walnutsmom -- You are not alone.  I've posted on this issue several times in the past and have seen little, if any, improvement.  There is nothing like looking for a movie title that starts with "B" -- only to find it under the "P - R" listings.  Whoever is hired to do these things either doesn't know how to spell or doesn't know how the alphabet works.


Another problem is inconsistency.  Some movies that start with "The" are listed alphabetically under "The", while others starting with "The" are listed alphabetically by the first letter of the second word.  And this can be within the same list!


I was looking for Bill Maher's latest HBO special.  It isn't there (weeks after it aired), but what I did find (under HBO>>Specials>>Comedy) was some of his old specials listed by "Bill" and other features listed by "Maher".   I also looked under HBO>>Series>>Bill Maher, and no, his special isn't listed there, either. 


Where movies aren't listed by alphabetical title, but by category only, there is another problem.  Who decides what falls under "Comedy", "Drama", "Horror", etc.?  A while back I found "Shawshank Redemption" under COMEDY.  What part of that movie was funny??


So, here's a suggestion, Comcast -- Try hiring or assigning people to do the menus who (a) know how to read and alphabetize, (b) actually pay attention to what they're doing, and (c) aren't so lazy that they just throw titles in anywhere to get the job done and go home.  Just a thought.

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Re: inconsistency of listings

Here’s another example: take USA Network’s show “Colony”.

I nearly always search for shows “By Network”. If you go to USA, and from there to Colony, the show listings are missing entirely. All you have are some uninteresting “extras”. Lately, I’ve been going to the Search function to find the latest Colony episode.

But as I just discovered this morning, if one goes instead to the “Programs A-C” choice, then wait a long time to scroll all the way to Colony, you do see episode listings.

OK, what kind of server is used to house all of this stuff? If you are a Linux system (or any variant from the heritage UNIX family), you should be able to employ symbolic links ( “ln -s” command) between a base directory name and any other directory name, so as to maintain episode lists for a show in *one* place, but show it identically in *multiple* places. (Like By Network, like A-C, or in the occasional show-highlight items you sometimes put at the very top of the On-Demand navigation.)

If you use a Windows server, I’m not sure whether what I described is easy or possible. Someone else here might say if Windows provides the logical equivalent of Linux “ln -s”.
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Re: inconsistency of listings

Here’s a similar example: PBS’ Endeavour series. ( Which suffers from worse problems now, as chronicled in other threads.)

If you navigate to the show via “Programs D-F”, you see four “for pay” episodes. But if you navigate “By Network” then PBS, you have literally nothing.

This is not competent operations and maintenance.

Of course, the lack of any *free* episodes (historically the previous 2) for PBS is another issue.