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X1 DVR “PST” code

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Re: X1 DVR “PST” code

Are you still having that issue? Everything is showing online except the box labeled “Patio” and everything that is online is well within spec.
Press and hold setup, LED goes from red to green, and press 987 to use the remote
FYI, swap out one of your boxes for an XG2, to free up more recording ability on your dvr
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X1 DVR “PST” code

Last night and this morning had a severe problem with the signal. The picture was pixelating, trying to refresh, then audio would cut, picture would go in and out. Would carry on for 3-4 minutes then be back to normal. I chalked it up to what seems to be a regular problem with my service, perhaps someday I’ll get around to trying to troubleshoot it.

This morning, same issue. So I went into “My Account” app and it told me at the very top in a box with blue type: There’s a problem fetched and a system refresh is recommended. I performed the refresh, and the process yielded a message on my Master Bedroom TV that our main X1 box in the Living Room needed to be restarted.

I’ve completed the restart, and now it is prompting me for my language preference. However, my remote is not able to complete the selection of my language.

I’ve restarted this X1 DVR box a couple of times and still have the same issue. The other TVs are not working and referring me back to restarting this X1 box.

First off, how do I get my remote to operate the X1 box so I can complete the restart?

Second, is this indicative of a larger problem requiring a visit to the store or a tech in-home?