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Voice Voting on Xfinity X1


Voice Voting on Xfinity X1

Starting on Monday, November 20, X1 customers will be able to vote for their favorite artists on NBC’s The Voice directly from their TV Box. 


Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 9.29.54 AM.png


Customers can launch the voting experience during the live linear broadcast of The Voice by:

  • Saying “Vote for The Voice” into their X1 Voice Remote
  • Tuning to the channel and pressing ‘Info’ when The Voice Vote notification is onscreen. 
  • Pressing ‘Info’ to launch the mini-info menu while watching the program and selecting the ‘Vote’ option the menu.

Once the voting experience is launched, customers can use the arrow keys to browse and select their favorite artists. Once an artist is selected, customers must select ‘confirm’ onscreen to cast their vote. 


Please note that voting is only available during the live broadcast. If customers experience any issue while voting, first try exiting and re-launching the voting panel. If issues persist, votes can be cast online at


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Re: Voice Voting on XFINITY X1

I certainly hope this is not what replaced the old "B" button feature that was just removed........