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Two issues (audio volume and remote set-top box interactivity) with my Comcast TV service

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Re: Two issues (audio volume and remote set-top box interactivity) with my Comcast TV service

By the way, "," I gave you a "kudo" and chose your solution in appreciation of your advice. I will report back here after my appointment with the Comcast technician, just to let you and others know the situation was (hopefully) resolved.


Besides the audio and syncing problems, now I am also unable to use the "On Demand" (OD) button of my cable TV service. That is actually the main issue which has necessitated this visit by a Comcast tech. But I will bring up the audio and syncing issues with the tech too.


I only have limited basic cable service with a digital (but not High Definition) box for a few extra dollars per month, which gives me a few more broadcast stations I was unable to receive with a regular cable box, plus some cable channels (two of C-Span and some home shopping I never watch) which must be given to all customers. I also think the fact I have one OD channel (which was chosen in error at some point way back and which I would like to drop) is what gives me the OD access. But perhaps I would have the OD access without that extra paid-for channel. I like having the OD access, so I may watch reruns of missed broadcast programming as well to be able to buy a film if I wish.


Maybe you could find out if I have to keep that Here TV On Demand channel to be able to keep the OD access? Here TV is actually an LGBTQ channel. "LGBTQ" is an initialism for a BLT sandwich wrapped in a GQ magazine (just joking). And I actually don't know why that was ever selected when there are a few other, cheaper OD channels that could have been chosen if I needed one for OD access. All I may think of is the other OD channels must be so far afield from my interests I chose Here TV because it seemed more compatible than a woodcrafting or gaming channel. If I could have had a fuller choice of one channel (because it was required for OD access), I would have picked Turner Classic Movies (TCM) or TV Land before an LGBTQ channel. But TCM and TVL must have been in other tiers and not been one of the options at the time.


Someday, I really think one will be able to completely custom-design one's cable TV service, so one won't be stuck with any more channels than with what one might actually sometimes watch. I think the term used in the media busienss is à la carte. Right now cable and streaming TV services (such as Sling TV) seem semi-à la carte. But I'll bet someday, once billing issues may be better coordinated, a complete a la carte cable TV menu will be offered.


Thanks again, and I'll be back to report on the tech visit.

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Re: Two issues (audio volume and remote set-top box interactivity) with my Comcast TV service

I never saw this message until today, over a year after my original post. Sorry about that. But Comcast's/Xfinity's website is so complicated it is very easy to get lost in the maze.


I am actually seeing a Comcast tech at my home later this week, finally, about another few issues, and will bring up the synching issue as well at that time.

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Re: Two issues (audio volume and remote set-top box interactivity) with my Comcast TV service

I'd power cycle both boxes to see if the names reset.  Otherwise you might need to call into Comcast support again.  Many times the syncing of the online services takes some time, it might not be instant or close to it.  After the power cycle, post back with the results.


As far as the audio, share the model of the box and how it's connected to the TV.

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Two issues (audio volume and remote set-top box interactivity) with my Comcast TV service

I have two issues, one possibly related to the other, which are--


Online I renamed one of my two Comcast set-top boxes from "TV2" to "BedroomTV," and was in the process of renaming the other box from "TV1" to "Living RoomTV" but then was unable to rename the second box. Further, in the Xfinity online program grid I am only able to change the channel for the renamed box, but not the other (still named "TV1") box.


Also, now my Comcast TV audio is at a very low volume, even though turned up to fullest setting on my remote control. Could these problems (set-top boxes control and audio) be, somehow, related?


When I tried to resolve the set-top box issues with a Comcast Chat agent online, each agent kept passing me to another agent, each one claiming that by my level of service (limited basic TV) I would not be able to control my set-top boxes from online, even though I had successfully changed channels through one box and saw messages on both my TV sets indicating at least some remote interactive capability with both boxes. It seems these Comcast customer service agents are not even fully trained about Comcast equipment, and are reading manuals themselves to try to help customers rather than being technically capable employees.


I am in the process of having an attic or rooftop antenna installed at my home (which should get me true High Definition signals for no monthly cable cost, as well more broadcast channels than available from Comcast), in part because Comcast does not even fully provide all local and regional broadcast channels, but also due to frequent equipment failure and incompetent customer service (outsourced to foreign countries--Mexico or the Philippines--much of the time). I may also purchase my own DVR device, which, in addition to the apps of my SmartTV set and after connecting to my Internet service (through Ethernet and Wi-Fi) will allow me far greater programming choices as well recording capability, at a lower cost than with my current Comcast service.  But in the meantime I would still like to resolve these two problems with my Comcast TV service. Whether or not I retain my limited basic TV service (as a back-up) may greatly depend upon how quickly these problems are resolved.