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TIVO Cablecard issues

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TIVO Cablecard issues

I am extremely frustrated trying to get my Tivo fully functional with Xfinity. I previously had service with Fios with Zero problems.


  • I have had 2 techs come out to and they tried 10 or 12 cablecards - The settings for Con = No and Val = ?.  I have been using (and paying for) an Xfinity set top box so at least I can get some live TV....
  • Conference call w/ Tivo & Comcast, with ultimately comcast saying there was a problem with my Tivo Box.  I then paid Tivo $250 to exchange for a replacement unit.
  • Exact same issues with replacement unit (with that wasted $250) - i went to Xfinity store and got 4 more cablecards to try with same results.
  • Finally talked to someone on Xfinity support staff who realized there was a problem with some settings on the Cablecard itself and escalated it to Engineering or somewhere to fix.
  • Now, I have Con = Y, Val = V, but I only get local channels.  What I have read online is that my Auth = "MP" and that is the cause.
  • I have probably spent 20+ hours trying to get this entire situation fixed and so frustrated.  I honestly should have switched back to Verizon.
  • On the postiive side - everyone I have talked to has been extremely nice, just unable to resolve my problem.

Who can fix this issue?






Re: TIVO Cablecard issues




Your issue has been escalated to the Comcast Team available to these forums. Check back often for a reply in this thread or via Private Message from a Comcast Official Employee.

Official Employee

Re: TIVO Cablecard issues

Hello tomniemas. I can assist you with getting your Cable Cards properly paired to your Tivo. Please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account.