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Subscription Required???

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Subscription Required???

We moved to a new home 2 weeks ago today. From day one, we were unable to watch On Demand videos for anything but the basic broadcast networks (ABC, Fox, etc) This is being looked into.


We were able to stream videos online from all of the networks we're subscribed to, including HBO and even StreamPix.


Today, though, that changed for some reason. For example, when going to watch an episode of Falling Skies, I was informed that "TNT is not part of your subscriptions" when, in fact, it is. This even applies to some of those basic broadcast networks - I cannot watch Fox shows, for example, unless they're streaming via Hulu.


When looking at my account page, our old address is still listed as one of my accounts - the main one - even though the service was to have been disconnected 2 weeks ago to be transfered to the new address (which is also associated with this account.) Could this be part of the problem? And, if so, is there a way to fix it?


I've checked the information at and it claims that we don't have a cable TV subscription, despite our bill saying otherwise.


We've also had major internet speed issues for the past 12 hours or so, though this is likely the wrong place to mention that.

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Re: Subscription Required???

You need to call the Applications Department at 877-599-1845, they are the ones who can help you with this problem. Describe your problems and they will fix fix it, 


- Norm