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STB Expectation - New Customer

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STB Expectation - New Customer

I am switching from Direct to Comcast; what might I expect in terms of STB's the technician will install?

I have 6 TV's, 2 of which are 4k capable.  All are HDMI.  I have ordered DVR service, and at most I can see concurrent recording of 3 different shows while watching another.  We do have frequent house guests, and they may well be watching something else, either live or Netflix. 


It appears that some STB's are "clients" and have no tuner.  Is this what will be provided?  I have two locations where a larger box is not an issue, and the others would best be behind the wall mounted TV. 


It looks like the latest DVR is the XG1V4.  Can I expect that, insist on it for 4K?  I do not use TOSLINK in any location, only HDMI.  Can boxes be upgraded at a later date, I do have a local store but they have not been very helpful even when I tried to determine if remotes were IR, RF, and or IP.  Will all the STB's come with the latest voice remote?

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Re: STB Expectation - New Customer

Most of those questions regarding which boxes you'll get other than the dvr, would be discussed with the installer at time of install.

For box information,

The XG1V4 is not widely circulated yet but again ask the installer if it's available. Presently there is no 4K content through the boxes
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Re: STB Expectation - New Customer

This is a tough one. Even though they may tell you otherwise, any Comcast representative you would talk to over the phone has no control over the boxes you will end up with.

1. Yes you can exchange them at a later time.

2. The 4K DVR is brand new and Comcast is not saying which markets have them. It's guesswork.

3. X1 DVRs have only 60 hours of HD recording time. That may not be enough for that many TVs.

4. If you need more recording capacity you can rent additional DVRs then recordings will pool. That's the good news. The bad news is with X1 there is no such thing as private recordings. All users will be able to see all recordings on all DVRs.

If I were in your shoes I would get to a Comcast store and have them show you each of the X1 boxes and what their capabilities are. Then you will know which boxes you will need to exchange (if any). They will be able to tell you if 4K boxes are available in your market.

Re: STB Expectation - New Customer

Just a follow up to the install process which overall went well.


I wound up with (1) XG1, (2) XG2, and (3) Xi3 devices. The installer, a contractor,  knew very lirttle of the new DVR and certainly did not have one on his truck. Initially the Xi3 at the most remote location was a little flakey but seems to have settled down now.  I am not sure how it determines what tuners to use but there are more than enough for it to choose from.  The installer knew very little of the new DVR, and certainly did not have one on his truck.


The internet worked right away and is a HUGE improvement over my past ATT Uverse, (really DSL at my rural location).  This was the main reason for the change from Directv, otherwise I was not a dissatisfied customer of Directv/ATT.


I felt the voice remote may be a bit of a gimmick but it works very well and is ideal from a standpoint of changing service providers since channel assignments are not the same.  No more remembering channel numbers!


One minor angst, not unique to Xfinity, is the power cords for each STB.  Since in my case all the installer really had to do was replace the Directv box with an Xfinity box, it would have been easier were there a "standard" power cord.  Some of these units have a two tailed bricks for power, some have a wall wart that does not fit in any type of wall recess receptacle, and others have a direct 120VAC power cord.  I like to prepare ahead of time with properly surge protected receptacles but these variations make it a challange. 


All in all, happy customer so far!

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Re: STB Expectation - New Customer

Let us know how you like the picture quality. In my area, the Comcast pic quality is a substantial step down from DirecTV's. Their guide I felt was also a substantial step down, the channel numbering follows no logic, unlike DirecTV's, which had excellent grouping and numbering.

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Re: STB Expectation - New Customer

I thought the channel lineup didn't make sense at all either at first switching from DTV to Xfinity.  However, now it makes much more sence, my local channels that were 16, 22, 28, 38, 44, 58, 64 on DTV all you have to do is add a 10 in front of them so now they are 1016, 1022, 1038, 1038, 1044, 1058, 1064, also the cable channels in the 1000's seem to be somewhat organized together, at least in my area, all the FX channels are grouped together, Disney, Nickelodeon are all grouped together.  But with the voice remote you really don't even need to worry just tell it what channel to turn to.  It does mess up sometimes, it can't understand if you say to turn to A&E, and that's one thing that gripes me.

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Re: STB Expectation - New Customer

Hello all, is there anything else we can assist with from here?