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Online TV Advertisment Issue

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Online TV Advertisment Issue

For some reason certain ads seem to stop playing from the biggining and this has cuased me to lose access to almost everything I watch.  Please help becuase I am sick of comcast having a million issues in everything.  I used to have Verizon and they never had anything near to this.  fter they moved out we decided Comcast was wprth a shot.  Well guess what I'm paying a s**tload every month so I can't watch online tv becuase their ads freeze and glitch.

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Re: Online TV Advertisement Issue

I've been complaining about problems with the streaming service since March as have dozens of other people here. I believe that one person who seemed like he was much more "in the know" claimed that he had somehow tracked the problems with commercials freezing to the advertising servers that Comcast uses, which makes a certain amount of sense. I took a network security seminar a year ago and the presenter mentioned that in general the advertising servers don't belong to the provider i.e. Comcast but to the advertising company that Comcast uses. If that's the case Comcast may not have direct control over them and the Comcast network techs can't fix the problem and it's up to the advertising company to correct the issue. So Comcast has to get on the advertising company's case and get them to fix the problem.


Also a number of people have called Comcast technical support and the support people have disavowed any knowledge of this problem despite the callers referencing numerous threads here with complaints from the users. In the end most people get the brush off being told it must be a virus or other problem with their own computer.


Everyone here is incredibly frustrated by these problems with the streaming service and the lack of any acknowledgment by Comcast that there actually is a problem. Some people have had success getting the support people to give them a reduced rate for a few months or free HBO for the same period but that really doesn't help the problem.



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Re: Online TV Advertisement Issue

Comcast has the worst customer servcie in the western world.,  IT is a fact, they have been raited the lowest.


"Joe" the lsited COmcast employee who answers most of the threasds appears to be an automated bot, or an Donkey-hole ID10T.


Comcast refuses to acknowledge any problem with the streaming.


THe show enters a black screen after the comercials.  If you restart it, yo sit through another 120 seconds of comercials (Comcast gets paid for every commercial you sit through, even though we pay for the service.) 


Comcast is terrible.  


Get an HD antena and go Amazon, or Netflix, anything but comcast.


They laugh at their suck-er custoerms "us" all the way to the bankl 


If they put 1/10th of the funds they put in to the CEOs compensation into actual IT engineers and equipment they would not have these issues.


And they want to merge and get bigger?  NO WAY!



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Re: Online TV Advertisement Issue

It is a fact that the Consumerist has rated Comcast as the worst company in America taking the crown from previous winner (for multiple years in a row) Bank of America but keep in mind that Verizon and BOA were tied for second place.


It's very difficult to understand what the story is with ComcastJoe, the truth is he asks questions and then has a terrible track record of following up. You are way better off trying to contact ComcastMatt or ComcastDaniel both of whom I've found to be diligent in responding and helpful. It's also my understanding from talking to the other official Comcast people that ComcastJoe is the senior most person in their department and that he has a lot on his plate.


In regards to "Comcast refuses to acknowledge any problem with the streaming", this is not 100% true. It is true that there appear to be multiple glitches in the streaming service, the Comcast people have acknowledged that there are problems with the advertising system and that they are working on fixes to the system to address those problems. They have acknowledged that they have released several updates to address advertisement related issues but they need continued feedback so that they know what problems still exist and if any new problems are being introduced by the new software. If you have anything to contribute go to this thread and post details They also have at various times stated that some 900|xxx errors have been caused by problems on their servers and that they were working to restore service and ComcastMatt was diligent in posting updates to those outages.


You say "THe show enters a black screen after the comercials.  If you restart it, yo sit through another 120 seconds of comercials (Comcast gets paid for every commercial you sit through, even though we pay for the service.)" but you provide no details so that anyone can help you. What browser are you using? What version of Windows? What shows are you watching? Things to try: If you're using Internet Explorer then try FireFox or Chrome. Make sure you're using the latest version of the Flash player.


- Norm