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New Xfinity TV online update incompatible with Linux!

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New Xfinity TV online update incompatible with Linux!

I must say I was very angry when I tried to watch shows from last night on my media computer, only to find out that I cannot because of an update to flash player. I am going to assume you are unaware of this, but Adobe has ceased development for Linux and made this a public announcement in February (Source). They have stopped at 11.2. Just like they stopped at 11.1 for mobile users. 


I know that the number of people this affects is probably not very large, but as a company that is committed to customer service, I would assume that this would not matter. This is especially true as a fix for this is easy: check the browser type in the headers sent and switch back to the old player for Linux-based browsers. I ask that you do this.


I am also wondering if you have looked into using HTML5 instead? 



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Re: New Xfinity TV online update incompatible with Linux!

Good luck.


Re: New Xfinity TV online update incompatible with Linux!

Unfortunately, only supports Mac and PCs at this time (

Incompatible Equipment is only supported on Mac and PC computers at this time. Although iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux, and other devices may access the website, they are not supported platforms and not all features/functions are guaranteed to work, including but not restricted to video playback.


The new player that we released today is in support of an FCC mandate to provide Advanced Closed Captioning, so we don't have the option of failing back to our old player.


  - Jessica

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Re: New Xfinity TV online update incompatible with Linux!


You and your company suck.


Merry Christmas

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Re: New Xfinity TV online update incompatible with Linux!

This is not an acceptable response, as Xfinity has advertised for months being able to watch on demand programming on any device throughout the home. To me this sounds like false advertising. Especially because just now, at 9:21 EST on 12/22/13, (CN) I just saw your commercial claiming that I can watch HBO on my computer and other devices with absolutely no disclaimers, followed by one between you and Verizon saying the same thing with the rest of your channels, with no disclaimer about devices, and there is no stock mobile device which has the newest version of flash, a la article in previous post. 


For a company as large as Comcast and with as big of legal team, this does not add up. Your claim about FCC mandates holds no water when you have been faced with this issue for the better part of a year. Also, Hulu has never had an issue.

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Re: New Xfinity TV online update incompatible with Linux!

I'm posting here just because the history of this thread deserves pop for posterity. As a Linux/* PCLinuxOS user (along with a couple of other distros) I understand quite a number of drawbacks from using Linux/Open Source. I can live with them...but it is ANNOYING.


I understand that Comcast has to contend with its content providers, Digital Rights Management, Interconnected Corporate profits/fees/kickbacks and greed ...your choice.


I'm not sure if Comcast is more/less.or as "dickish" as its content providers. However, the latest issue of non-support by Adobe Flash Player for Linux shows  a "considered" position regarding Linux/Open Source users.


This position by Adobe AND by Comcast has been noted by (some?) Linux users.


The ongoing "legal" negociations regarding such issues as HTML5 and DRM is all about MONEY. Linux Operating Systems may be free, but a way will be found to make them pay for online content. Such is the world of capitalist/commercial computing/internet access.


Comcast (as of now) seems not to want to help any of its Linux using customers to gain access to "protected" content.


Honestly, there aren't enough of us Linux users complaining to Comcast for them to even consider doing anything on our behalf.


I seriously doubt that in a month's time more than THREE Linux users will post to this thread. Comcast feels no pressure whatsoever to deal with this matter except to say "sorry" or provide a lame excuse.


Personally, the loss of Flash Player Videos on Comcast matters little to me. All I need is a reliable and FAST connection to the internet.. Until Comcast's connection speed mucks up I can find other sources for interesting videos and info.











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Re: New Xfinity TV online update incompatible with Linux!

As predicted; there has been no additional comments posted here re: Linux support.


It's  lonely here being a Linux user.



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Re: New Xfinity TV online update incompatible with Linux!

ANother one here. I am not pleased it is advertised as another poster said "Watch on any device" that is false. We should sue Comcast for just that. They are able to integrate Netflix Via Chrome or other means. Why should any sane rational LInux user have to resort to using the most hacked, most virus ridden SPY OS in history...Microsoft Windows to watch your live tv. Get with the program. FLASH IS DEAD! You have it working Via an app on Android. You can do the same for every distro if Linux. Mac is BSD, Android is Linux.. So save the lies for the uniformed mindless MS drones.