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HD Channels on Xfinity Stream tv


HD Channels on Xfinity Stream tv


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Re: HD Channels on Xfinity Stream tv

Waqas1 wrote:

If i am a comcast customer and I am not paying extra for HD... if i log into xfinity stream... can i still get HD channels (locals)... is it a typo on the site because i see all the locals in hd..... can anyone confirm?  I am in the Seattle Area and Q13 is channel 113.... and it says hd.... can anyone else confirm?

If you're getting something for free from comcast, maybe you shouldn't be advertising it, it might disappear.


It might have to do with "stream week" starting tomorrow. Some free stuff will be available to internet customers who don't subscribe to tv.

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Re: HD Channels on Xfinity Stream tv

Hello Waqas1. If your account only has SD service, you will not be able to view the HD content online or at home. 


If you need help with adding HD Technology to your account , please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can assist you.