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Finding On Demand Movies List

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Finding On Demand Movies List

I'm am so computer challenged but this is ridiculous. I know previously I could look up a list of On Demand movies on the computer much easier than going thru them on the TV (or is it just me?) Does anyone know how to do it, please? Also, why can't I just "chat" with someone from Comcast? We all certainly pay enough that we should be able to talk to a person when we can't find the answer after spending (I'm too embarrassed to tell you how long) minutes going through page after page before finally getting here to you wonderful people. Thank you for letting me rant. Hope you have a great evening.

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Re: Finding On Demand Movies List

I agree with you, there are times, like when we are watching something on tv and I just want to see what to watch next without stopping the current program.  (multi-tasking).  There use to be a way to do this on-line to get a list of movies and programs available On Demand.  Can't find it anymore.  I think Comcast/Xfinity is trying to force people to use their streaming system, so make it harder and harder for the rest of us to get information without upgrading.  Sorry, but I'm looking for answers, too.