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Errors in menu guide for Digital FM Radio, channel 985 KIROF, 97.3 FM

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Errors in menu guide for Digital FM Radio, channel 985 KIROF, 97.3 FM

A Chat person wrote:

"I understand that, There is an issue with menu guide. You have been facing this issue from long time. Since we are from level 1 troubleshooting department, we have an email address to send the feedback to Comcast. Here is the email address :"


When I searched for the forum, hoping that I would find an employee who would correct the issue, I realized that I was being mislead and ignored as a customer. You _ _ _ !!!!!!!!!!


But, still, here is what I wrote in the Chat, which did not help, with expletives and capitals deleted:

You're saying that Xfinity (Comcast) has no _ responsibility for what they post on their menu guide on the tv for their customers to read to get information about:

- the name of a program they are or are going to air,
- the length of the program, shown by the yellow highlighting, showing the time it starts and the time it ends,
- the name of the correct, and therefore type of, program that airs during that time period, instead of the wrong: (1) name, (2) type of program, and (3) highlighted time period that you (Xfinity, Comcast) have posted on your menu,
- and the wrong (4) _ time in (min.), that you (Xfinity, Comcast) have posted, stating how long the program will last, (that any school child could figure out was wrong by counting on his/her fingers and using a calculator.)


Oh, "the issue is from the broadcaster's end", you say!

Don't give me that b s, you _ _ !!!!!!


"May I know what is displaying on the On-Screen Program Guide?", you ask.

_ _!!!! That menu guide is not the broadcaster's!!!!!!!!!!!


That menu is yours!!!!!! Xfinity, Comcast. You post it for your customers. That menu is not at the bottom of a program on ABC, NBC, CBS or any other network's program.

That menu is from your company, lying _ _!!!!! It is accessed from the Info button on the Xfinity remote that you give to each of your customers.


This issue is not about a network changing its programing the same day or even the week before.


The issue is that, Xfinity, Comcast, does not give a _ _!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The employees of Xfinity, Comcast, are _ _ and do not give a _ _!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This, your, menu issue has lasted for weeks and months!!!!!!!!


So, someone get their head out of their god _ _ and correct your menu!!!!!!!!!


"Please allow me couple of minutes while I check the details for you.", you wrote.

You don't give a _ about my details, the details that I, the customer, sees. You misleading, lying, _!!!!!


One reason probably being; you don't have a tv, or monitor, to see the details that I, your customer, am seeing.
Another reason; Xfinity, Comcast, does not give a _ that you don't, can't, see the details that their customers see.


"I am here with you.", you also wrote. You despicable, _ _, lying, _ _!!!!!!!!!!! You are not, "with", me, understanding and seeing this (Xfinity's) menu error issue!!!! You are off "with", "performing some troubleshooting steps." "I have completed diagnostic checks."


"Thank you for your co-operation and understanding in this matter."


You do not understand, you _ _, lying, _ _, _ _!!!!!!!
You do not want to understand, you god _ lying, _ _, _ _!!!!!!


"As I have checked there's no issue from our end. The issue which you are experiencing is from the broadcaster."

You lying, _ _, _, _!!!!!!!!


Correct your Info guide menu of the, name, description, time, and length of the program, for Digital FM Radio, channel 985 KIROF, 97.3 FM KIRO, Talk, News, Seattle, Wash., on Saturday and Sunday nights, for the program, Coast to Coast AM.


KIRO FM has never aired that program at 6:00 pm, you _ _, _ _ _!!!!!!!!!


To begin to correct your program and time issue, you post on your menu what program KIRO FM does air at 6:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday!!!!!!!


Carefully read KIRO's schedule, then get your head out of your _, and correct your menu!!!!


The issue is not, "from the broadcaster." The schedule from the broadcaster, KIRO FM, does not reflect, show, the _ errors in your menu.
and, your _ menu, does not reflect, show, the correct schedule from the broadcaster, KIRO FM.


Just check what Xfinity has printed, posted, against what KIRO FM has really scheduled and what it really airs.