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Channel Map has some wrong channels

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Channel Map has some wrong channels

Comcast in Panama City FL - Running a PC with WIN7, WMC and a Ceton 4 card, with Cable Card. I've been running this configuration for about two years.  Last week some of my channels started showing up in the wrong place. I.E. channel 429 should be AMC, but instead it's CNN. Velocity normally on 412 is on 473 - MTV. When tuning to 412 I get a 'low or no signal' message. Some others - Golf on 405 is really AMC - 429; History on 422 is showing up on 453 Comedy Central; MSNBC on 399 is showing FBN normally on 469. Other channels that should have something give the 'low or no signal' message. On the plus side all of the premium and local channels are mapped correctly.

I double checked against the installed cable box and everything on it is where it should be. Yesterday I went thru the entire setup trying to force a new channel map, but nothing changed.

Can you work some magic from the headend to correct the channel map I'm receiving?

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Re: Channel Map has some wrong channels

Hello subslr88. I've responded to your newer post regarding your channel issues. This is located: