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Can NOT stream live TV on the Xfinity Website

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Can NOT stream live TV on the Xfinity Website

First, I was able to stream live TV on my ASUS laptop using just last week.  I have Blast! Internet and Digital Economy TV.  I made a change to just have internet and no TV but did not like it and asked to be changed back to what I had before.  Since they changed it back, I cannot stream live TV on the Xfinity website.  When I click on LIVE TV it does not show the channels I get on my TV but only shows STARZ.  When I click on the shows there it says I do not subscribe to that channel. (which I do)  I spent 2 hours on the phone today and was passed from person to person.  When I was on the 5th person they put me on hold and never returned.  I have always had pretty good experiences with Comcast until now.  From looking at this forum, it looks like many others are having the same issue.  Also, as others have indicated, I cannot get to "My Account".  It gives an error and says to try later.  Please let me know what I should do.  I am sure something was dropped when I changed my service and then asked to have it changed back.  HELP!!!INTERNET


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Re: Can NOT stream live TV on the Xfinity Website


Mchrissie51, let's make sure you're subscribed to the proper channels so you can stream from the website properly. Please send me a private message (Click ComcastKenF and then click Private Message Me) with your account address and full name for assistance.