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Bordering on Fraud: Error 102100.43 and 102100.5

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Bordering on Fraud: Error 102100.43 and 102100.5

Based on the number of users with the exact same issue, and no official response or resolution from Comcast, this is bordering on fraudulent. They are advertising Xfinity Stream as an amazing new way to watch your X1 recordings on whatever device you wish. 


Well, if it worked, that would be fantastic, but it's just not true.


I am a technology professional and have been doing computer support and engineering for 20+ years, and all my contact with Comcast support results in placating, patronizing, repeated questions and hoop-jumping. Asking me about my DNS, my OS, Wifi or Ethernet, which browser, etc. Then they pass me to someone else, who pretends to care that I have a problem, and asks me the same questions.


Pro tip, Comcast: Not every customer is as dumb as you think. Some of us know what we're doing. Some of us, shocker, may actually know more than you do about a whole bunch of stuff.


So, here's my problem:

  1. Trying to watch a recorded X1 DVR program on my computer(s).
  2. I select a previously recorded "big" show, click "Watch" and it attempts to play.
  3. I watch the network logo with 3 dots underneath for a half-minute or so.
  4. An error message appears, "This Video Cannot Be Played. We've run into a problem while streaming Episode Name(Error 102100.43: Loading of the specified resource has failed)
  5. It also displays a "Diagnostics" button, which when clicked, reveals some details about the stream. Ironicallly, not one of the support people I've dealt with have asked for any of this info.
  6. I return to my list of shows, select a "lesser" show, perform the same steps and it will play, no problem.

What I know:

  1. Big network, seasonal shows (ABC, CBS, etc) generally don't play.
  2. "Small" and local shows, (News, local sports, variety shows) always play.
  3. I've tried two computers, multiple browsers, multiple versions, Wifi and Ethernet.
  4. The computer(s) plays some shows, which means, there's nothing wrong on my side. Period.
  5. All shows play on all my iOS devices using the native iOS app.

What I think:

Due to licensing and copyright laws, I believe that certain shows have a higher level of protection/encryption than others, because the networks realize playing these "big" shows via a browser in the wild, wild west of a PC or Mac invites piracy. This higher level of encryption/protection just doesn't work reliably, especially due to the steaming heap that is Adobe Flash, and with all the variables that can exist on a PC or Mac.


Bottom Line:

Flash s*cks and it's dying. Period. Even Adobe knows it. They would have killed it years ago but companies like Comcast have sunk major dollars into this infrastructure, are unwilling or unable to migrate to Silverlight (Netflix), or are unable to develop their own video codec with an acceptable level of protection, or (gasp) use current web standards and technolgies to play video.


Comcast is unwilling to admit this issue exists, which is not just insulting, frustrating, and ludicrous, but like I said at the beginning of this rant, bordering on fraudulent. Advertising things that don't work is against the law. This is why they won't admit it.


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Re: Bordering on Fraud: Error 102100.43 and 102100.5

Have you had this happen with a comcast employee from another state as a full access user on your account pege? I have. I  have seen this error I live in CA and a NJ employee had an account on my services for last 6 months.  And cable box where I live is wide open everyone is stealing from my service  and tech came and said he coud do nothing today.  

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Re: Bordering on Fraud: Error 102100.43 and 102100.5

I agree. I am a professional too and not stupid. No one at Xfinity can explain to me why streaming doesn't work for everything on my own WiFi network.