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Blast Internet and streaming

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Blast Internet and streaming

I have two questions; one concerning Blast Internet and streaming and the other is about my streaming options through the Streaming APP.

1.  I have Blast internet speed, why do I still have to endure buffering while watching and there is only one device being used?  I am frustrated, I should not have to endure buffering to view streaming options with Blast internet speed.  I am very frustrated with this.

2.  I get all of my channels via streaming through the app.  If I am not at home, and I am away from my home WIFI often, I don't understand why I am limited to streaming live only while I am at home.  I travel a great deal.  I am paying for it, so why can I not be able to view a channel live while I am traveling?  This is also extremely frustrating.

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Re: Blast Internet and streaming


Hi debora51, buffering is caused by a poor signal coming from your modem or you may be out of range of the signal. Have you tried rebooting your modem/router to ensure you have a good signal? Also, in regards to streaming "In home only" not all networks can be viewed while away from home. This due to rules and restrictions set by the networks, if you would like to view the content outside of your home network please set the show/movie to record and then you will be able to download it and take it with you anywhere.