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Xfinity TV App for Apple Watch

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Xfinity TV App for Apple Watch

I have been having an issue with my Apple Watch App for Xfinity TV since I got it over a year ago. The issue is that there is no way to change which tv to control and none of the other features are functioning. When selecting a feature the app looks like it is executing but nothing is reaching my boxes in my home.


Troubleshooting done:

Uninstall / Reinstall of app on both my Apple Watch Series 1 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Full Restore on both devices as well with clean installs of the app.


Aside from what I have done I am not sure what else can be done to attempt to get this to work. I think the defect itself is on the Apple Watch app you can force touch to change the TV you want to control but there is no way to apply this change - hitting "Cancle" at the top goes back to the main screen.


Is there any planned improvements for this app?


Any further troubbleshooting that can be attempted?