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Xfinity Stream app on iPad for On Demand - Dropped Feature and Poor Functionality

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Xfinity Stream app on iPad for On Demand - Dropped Feature and Poor Functionality

Three items worth mentioning!

First, "Favorites"... uparades to software are part of the technical process, few would disagree! However downgrading software is an incitement to harbor ill will toward the provider... I speak of the removal of the Favorite Function that previously existed for several years - the ability to flag a show and return to it with the least amount of clicking or searching. What was management/developers thinking - removing it? Since the rollout of the new app, I thought time and consumer pressure would provoke a rethink to return this most basic consumer-useful feature... it seems not a priority for Comcast, shame! 

Second, getting back to the app Home Screren... where the Table of Contents is displayed to access "Saved", "Live TV" or On Demand". Not having a Favorite Function, Search is used heavily... several to many times, to find a program... then the desire to return home.... one has to go Backwards through all the searches to switch from On Demand to Live TV... is it that difficult to have the right side fly out Home menu available in all screens?

Third agitation, within the past month or so, the notation "Watched," marked by Comcast beside each episode, disappeared. Why? At least this was some designation as to where you were in a series! Once you remembered which series you were into (lack of Favorite functionality)... and yes I'm over 40!


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