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Xfinity Stream App v. (Update) for Android?


Xfinity Stream App v. (Update) for Android?

Update said the video player was updated and bugs were fixed as usual lol.

If anything, this update has made things worse. Videos are now laggy, choppy, and out of sync with the audio. Clearing caches, data, or uninstalling and reinstalling the app, doesn't fix this NEW issue the update has brought.

Also, why hasn't the bug that marks watched and completed videos as incomplete, hasn't been addressed yet? This issue has been on the app for years now, I have so much past content that I've watched and completed, still showing up on the For You home screen with minutes remaining. Some videos have 20 something minutes remaining and I even have some stating 0 minutes remaining... and NO, I'm not exiting out of the video player before the content has completed. I let the app exit out of the video player on it's own automatically, if I don't get the Manual Exit video player bug lol.