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Unable to watch DVR programs remotely

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Unable to watch DVR programs remotely

We got upgraded to Cloud DVR about a week ago.  We were able to watch DVR programs both inside and outside of house, both on PC and via the Android client.  Starting yesterday, 10/3, when we attempt to watch anything from the DVR either at home or away, we get this error on both PC and Android client:

This Video Cannot Be Played

We've run into a problem while streaming <episode name>. (Error 5)


I did further testing, and it it seems anything recorded prior to 10/3 still works.  Its just episides recorded on 10/3 and later that we get this error.  I'm not sure if this is related, but we had problems with our Voice line (no dial tone), and I called customer service on 10/3.  They "sent an activation signal" which re-booted our gateway and fixed the voice issue.  I'm wondering if sending this activation signal could have caused this?