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Stream all TV at home

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Stream all TV at home

Have Xfinity account and can Xfinity Internet stream fine on mobile devices.


My coax wire connections are bad, so I will remove set top Comcast boxes and stream to all my 4 TVs. None of TVs are "smart"


Q1:  What stick or streaming box best to use with "non smart" TVs


Q2:  What 65" Smart TV supports Xfinity streaming?


Thanks, Rick 

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Re: Stream all TV at home

I ended up buying a 32" TCL Roku ($139) .  (Built in Roku with an assortment of apps)

On the Roku platform , I searched and found the Xfinity Stream (Beta).

I authenticated between Xfinity and the TV , put in my Xfinity un and pw, and DONE.

I intend to buy all  TCL Roku Sets ; another 32 and 

a highly regarded 65"      TCL 65R617 (2018 Roku TV).

An thus replace my set top boxes with Xfinity internet gateway

and thes smart TVs.   All I need is a elec plug and  I can watch 

anywhere in the house or yard.