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SD Channels Shrunken Down to Center of Screen

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SD Channels Shrunken Down to Center of Screen

I'm currently using the Xfinity Stream app on a number of Roku boxes that I own. I don't have an X1 box, and don't intend to rent one.


And I'm currently seeing the following issue on all of the SD channels provided by Xfinity:


The HD channels properly stretch to the full width/height of my screen.


1.) This wasn't initially the case. The SD channels were initially displaying correctly. It seems like this changed in the last week or two. Software update, maybe?

2.) It's not a TV display issue. I've already experimented with all the various aspect ratio modes and stretch settings on the TV. And other streaming apps (like Netflix or Amazon Prime) display fine with my usual 16:9 setting.


3.) Don't tell me, "Watch the HD channels, then." Not all channels are in HD. And the Xfinity Stream app, quite frankly, is a pain to navigate. If I'm channel surfing, and I happen to be on an SD channel, I just want to watch the thing without having it seem like I'm peering at it through a window, or having to go through a couple of sub-menus/search functions to find the HD equivalent.