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Roku Xfinity streaming app


Roku Xfinity streaming app

anyone like this app? played with it for a couple days and it seems like a buggy piece of junk, 

- no voice search, no consistent way to save favorites, grid takes 10 seconds to repaint, 

i bought a roku to see if its worth it but for $10 savings it seems its not worth it.....i already had a firestick that does what i need for streaming.

calling customer service is a typical joke since 50% of the agents haven't heard of the app, don't know anyone that uses it etc.......

obviously Comcast is going thru the motions to  'try' but not really trying 


Re: Roku Xfinity streaming app

other quirks

- find a channel - type in golf channel - can't find it - so why isnt it just a numeric pad vs a giant alpha numeric pad

- type in 820 - another grid to the right - have to scroll the right and click again 'why?'

click on it  - brings up another full grid 

- all instructions say left arror to make a favorite - have to left arrow then click ok to get another menu on the bottom to click again for a favorite


this is all design from the 90's - not sure what offshore cheap labor is building apps but this is terrible


Re: Roku Xfinity streaming app

another quirk

- main menu - icons for search, browse, live tv (should just say grid), saved, settings


click on search

- you get the same search grid you get once you are in live but SUPRISE....can't find channels you type in.


is there anyone with a clue designing, testing, looking at this app? i am returning my Roku now.