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Roku Xfinity App.....Whats the point?

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Roku Xfinity App.....Whats the point?

I'm trying to wrap my head around the point of having the Xfinity App on the Roku. We bought a Roku Express so that we could download the Xfinity app and be able to watch our DVR content and watch our tv live while out on the road, like at a Disney Resort or during business travel.

The app can only be used while on your home WiFi network.....Ummmm....Whats the point???? If I'm home and within range of my WiFi network, wouldn't I just turn on a TV in my home and watch it? Whats the point of having a Roku App that you can only view at home??? Is this something that is slated to change in the future? Otherwise, it just doesn't make sense to me. I get it for those who want to get out of the cost of paying for a cable box monthly, but geez. What about those of us that don't mind paying full price and not trying to shortcut the system?

Should I just buy Roku Express for all my TV's but the main one and turn all my boxes in? Is this what the end result is that Comcast is hoping for? 

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Re: Roku Xfinity App.....Whats the point?

The Roku app is designed to be a cable box replacement, not a remote-access app. Since most Roku's are used with a 'fixed location' TV, that makes sense. If you are not at home, it's expected you would be using a smartphone or tablet, and would use the regular Stream TV app, along with some of the restrictions imposed by the media companies and networks.