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Roku (Error createDrmSession.403-102)

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Roku (Error createDrmSession.403-102)

Today my area expierenced an outage. I called technical support and spent 40 mins on the phone with them for then to do diagnostic checks making me power cycle my gateway etc.

At one point the supervisor tech made changes to my equipment in the back end for whatever reason.

(I got a new gateway in February and it was activated then so I have no idea what changes she made with my MAC address)

All i know is before that conversation my Roku worked now I am getting the error message above.

I've changed my network to my director route instead of my replicator. Ive logged out and back in. Ive uninstalled the app and reinstalled in and am still getting this issue. I'm assuming it has to do with the changes the tech made today. We use the app regularly. Any help would be appreciated.