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Roku Ap Issues

I've been using the Roku Ap on several new Insignia Roku TV's and see some serious issues.  These have been there since day 1 and after 30 days there seems to be no action to fix these bugs (see the evidence in 23 pages of issues!).  Here's what I'm finding:


  1. HD channels are non-usable since the sound after around 1 minute (or less) becomes completely unsynch'd with the video.  Don't have this issue with any of the SD channels.  Of course SD channels have a small picture on my 55" set!
  2. Accessing saved programs seemed to be working well.  I was watching Walking Dead last night on Roku Save Programs since the HD channel was unusable.  After about 30 minutes, the program completely froze and then trying to go back in and resume the program resulted in a "SOMETHING WENT WRONG, TRY AGAIN LATER" error message.  I attempted to reload the program, reload the AP, unplug the TV and let it resynch with my wireless and nothing worked.  The program would no longer play.  Other saved programs however were still working.
  3. I find the interface cumbersome with too many screens and intereractions required to just watch a program.  I have to make sure that I allow 5-10 minutes before a show starts to just make sure I can get it running to see the opening!

Picture quality seems fine and have no issues with that.  Compared to other streaming channels (or services), this ap is by far subpar.  Charging for it??  I pay for something that works and does not require this level of frustration.  Yes, I do have a X1 box and that works fine.  All three TVs are Insignia ROKU sets and none have any issues with streamining any other aps.  I understand this is Beta but I've never been involved in a beta test where issues are identified and days and days go by with no potential solutions are applied.  It must be Comcast is too busy deploying their new Xfinity Stream to fix what is already in the public domain.