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Out of home network ridiculousness.

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Out of home network ridiculousness.

It doesn't matter what device I use, wither it be my iPhone, iPad, multiple laptops, or desktop, none of them recognize my home wifi as my home wifi. The iPad and iPhones are, of course, using the xfinity tv app, and my PC's are using the website.  I used to have a crappy Technicolor router/modem that it worked fine with, but after upgrading to a dual band router, its a constant problem.  The part that puzzles me the most is that my desktop, hard wired to the router/modem, doent recognize it as a home network.  Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Out of home network ridiculousness.

Go to and verify Comcast has the correct MAC address for your modem. You might have to click the Troubleshoot link in order to see the MAC address Comcast has listed for your modem. If the MAC address is wrong or non existent, you will need to call Comcast to update your account with the proper MAC address.