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One of the worst video players out of all streaming platforms I've come across!


One of the worst video players out of all streaming platforms I've come across!

Two things, no I DO NOT need any help/assistance and secondly, this is only feedback for the Xfinity Stream app.

I don't understand how a FREE streaming platform like Tubi has a better video player than the one that's provided to us (paying customers). Matter of fact, my whole experience using Tubi's app for the first time (a few months ago), has been 10x better than the experience I've been having with the Xfinity Stream app since it launched years ago and I'm not even paying for Tubi's smooth app experience smh!

I don't care how many updates are pushed to the Xfinity Stream app, what my internet speeds are, how much unused ram & storage my device has, how many times I troubleshoot the app by

force stopping > clearing caches > clearing data > uninstall/reinstall the app

or which new Galaxy flagship I buy, there's still going to be issues with the app taking forever to load up the home screen, menu options, and content on the freaking video player!

Something has to change! Whatever engine you guys are using for this app is trash and has been for YEARS! Too much revenue is being pulled in from customers for there to be FREE platforms out there that are able to provide better user experiences than what we've been getting for years!

As the legendary Michael Jordan GIF states, "Stop it. Get some help.", that engine you're using for the stream app is dead. Patches aren't working and whenever you try to fix one thing with it, twelve other things on it breaks! Let It Go! Move on to a better engine and revamp the app please!