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Local channels missing on xfinity streaming apps - RESTORED

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Local channels missing on xfinity streaming apps - RESTORED

It took about a half hour of chat with a comcast rep, but in the end all local channels were restored


I've been using the iphone xfinity app, the xfininity streaming app thru Roku 3 as well as the web portal for several months.  About 3 days ago, the local stations disappeared from all three. No amout of restarting, refreshing, etc. did any good, so in desperation I contacted Comcast support via the "chat" function in online suport. I like the "chat" because 1) I don't hear well and 2) the comcast reps on chat seem to converse better in english that the ones I get on the phone.


Anyhow, restoring the local channels took action by both comcast an myself. They refreshed my account, modem, etc., and I had to restart my browser for the internet portal and reinstall the iphone app. In after thought, just logging off of the inphone app and logging back in might have worked, but I had already reinstalled the app when I thought of it.  I was just about to log out of Roku when I noticed the local channels were suddenly there.


So, in the end it took a refresh/reset by Comcast, logging out and back in by me (of at least the iphone app), and some patience. It all took about an hour.